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The Truth About Communication In a Long Distance Relationships

Truth about communication

One of the very first post I’ve written was about Long Distance Relationship and 7 Ways How I Handle It. In that post I mentioned ”communication” as the first pointer as to how I keep my relationship alive while being on a distance from my boyfriend and how much we both value it. A friend of mine messaged me roughly a week ago with a link to a video where a guy speaks about challenges that can come during a long distance relationship and ways that one could overcome these challenges. It was really warm she thought of me when she saw the video but coincidentally, my post about Long Distance Relationship and 7 Ways HowI Handle It basically have already listed all that was mentioned in the guy’s video. I think once you’re in a long distance relationship that actually funtions you’d already have the basic knowledge of what makes it work and what could make others’ work.

But back to communication! 
The video did give me some new insights though as I now feel it necessary to expound a bit on the truth about communication itself in a long distance relationship, more specifically, my relationship (LDR). 

Let me start by saying that communication can be a challenge but doesnt need to be once you are doing it right. 

Communication on a distance is never the easiest but there are definitely pros to it e.g., you learn about your partner in a different way than you would if you both were in the same room, it can be funny when you find it relatively easier to say things over the phone that you would never say in person etc. 

Communication can be challenging!- Speaking now from my own experiences, I have encountered communication challenges with my boyfriend from time to time and it’s mostly due to misunderstanding when TEXTING! I have also realised that  the optimum way to communicate is by phone calls or video calls. A person reads text messages in his/her own way so sometimes the natural voice in which you sent the text could be misunderstood which may lead to miscommunication or dispute. If you are to enter a fuss about a text message which was interpreted incorrectly just stay calm and try to work it out over a voicecall instead and explain the true nature of what was meant in the text.

Finding the time to communicate?- As for me I always have the time to communicate with my boyfriend. Even when I was at my previous job where no phone was allowed I couldn’t help but to sneak my phone in just so we could talk (sshhh… don't tell anyone). I had no choice! Especially when we could be 6/7 hours on time difference and he could also be asleep or busy studying/working during my ONE hour break for lunch.. hell naw! It all comes down to priority and he is sure as hell my priority! Luckily, he is the type of guy that I don’t need to question what and who he prioritizes because it’s all so obvious in the way he handles his time i.e, I am always a part of his time. Now that he currenty studies, apart from when he has exams coming up or assignments, we could talk for hours and most often by voice calls 

Voice calls? What about video calls?- Video calls also, yes… certainly! Video calls is really effective especially when we haven’t seen each other for a while or we’re missing each other like crazy. When we video call it gives us a feeling as if we are physically together in the same room. Personally, it relieves me from distance depression and helps me to sleep well at night. All and all it depends on the time, place and mood for either one. 

What happens when we don't know what to talk about?- This is what happens... we become silent or talk about the weirdest of things that make no sense whatsoever and have a good laugh! Haha... it's awkward I know! I'll explain a bit more about what I mean about being silent. When we don't know what topic to hit next we just live in the moment of listening or seeing what either of us is doing on the other end until another topic eventually spurs up. In a sense, it somewhat makes us feel as if we are in the same room together just by seeing/hearing the environment on the other side.

My Conclusion

Long Distance Relationships on a whole is never and will never be easy as it seems or as portrayed on the media. It comes with tears, sadness, happiness and most of all love in a diiferent way. In order to keep relationships like these alive communication is a must! If you are one that has problems communicating, my best advice to you is try to make a schedule if it is the fact that both of you have busy lives, whether with school or work. Also try to understand each other's differences. Not every couple will be lucky to talk 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Be patient and understanding that even while on a distance you both have to learn how to bloom as own individuals until that day comes when you both will be together permanently. The journey might be hard but it doesn't have to be forever. 

If you have questions always feel free to shoot me a message. 

Until next time friends! 

Sunday, 10 June 2018

15 Ways To Know That A Girl Likes You

 Hello Hello to my fellow readers! Yes I know, it's been a while! Damn, it  actually feels forever now when I am writing this post! 

  I have however updated on my Instagram snap story about 2 weeks ago that I would have done a post in June. I took a break in May mainly due to technical issues that I was having with my blog also, I was learning more about the blogging world while I waited to get these issues resolved. You guys have been patient and I appreciate that sooo much! *kisses*

 Now lets get into business shall we? Yep! 

 On my last post I wrote about 15 Ways To Know That A Guy Likes You and I promised my fellow male readers that I would also do 15 Ways to know that a girl is into them. Aaand, I kept my promise! *CHEERS* 
 The thing is, when I actually gave this topic a thought I realised that "the ways" didn't differ much between men and women, they related quite more than I had expected. Now, gentle men, here are your 15 ways!

  1. She blink her eyes... alot!- This you would notice if you are still in the flirting stage. Females are most likely to do this as a sign that she like what she sees and is really digging you.
  2. She twirls/plays with her hair.- A typical romantic flirty movie gesture but let me tell you that we as female actually do this in real life! Haha girls can be weird ;)
  3. She tries to do her best with her dressing and attire when you both plan a meet/date.
  4. She smiles and shows her pearly whites to light up the room and your heart.
  5. Shy! She suddenly becomes that shy girl when she's in your company. Nothing is wrong with that, as long as you make her feel more comfortable as time goes she will loosen up eventually.
  6. She texts you first! It is more common that girls wait for the guy to text them first but not realizing that the guys also can appreciate the girl putting forward the same gesture.
  7. She remains fully attentive and find interest in the topics which you speak on. 
  8. She ask you a ton of questions! Man, if she's inquisitive she's interested!
  9. If she is always interested to know how your day went, if you have eaten etc, then she could be a win win!
  10. She wants to meet your friends and family. That's alright as it shows a big sign of interest in you and the people who are a part of your life.  I know males can be a bit keen on the timing of which he let a girl meet his friends and relatives especially.
  11. She encourages you to meet her friends and family also.
  12. The random calls are also an eye opener. πŸ˜‰
  13. She plans/asks about the next date or next time seeing you!
  14. She blushes when you compliment her.
  15. A girl who is interested in a guy tries to remember all the little details you tell her, whether it's important and not. If she remembers all the little things she definitely likes you.
 So guys I hope my pointers actually gave you some pespective. If  it did, leave a comment and if it didn't, still leave a comment. Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you on my next post!


Thursday, 26 April 2018

15 Ways To Know That A Guy Likes You

 That feeling you get when something new is about to start. Or that feeling you get when you wish for something new to start. That feeling, just that feeling, when you have such a strong and deep crush on a guy. You try to do all the little things to give him the correct signal that you like him but it tends to be rather difficult with some to correctly re-read them.  

 We raise the questions to ourselves like 'Does he really like me?' 'Am I way ahead of myself?' 'Am I pushing myself in too much?' 

 Generally, I think it's a bit harder for us girls to read guys if they genuinely like us, unless that guy is very open with his emotions. Men try to maintain that image of being the Rock of Gibraltar. They like to leave us girls curious (maybe it's one of their tactic to win our hearts over). Bloody men....πŸ™„

 Just incase you're one of those girls who are trying to figure out if your crush likes you just as much as you like him, I will list a few trait of what guys do when they like or naturally cares for a girl. Here goes....

1. He gives you his full attention when you have a conversation.

2. He maintains firm eye contact with you. 

3. He smiles when he sees you or while being in your company.

4. If you make him laugh a lot that's a bonus! 

5. His gesture towards you; e.g he holds your hand at the right moments.

6. He doesn't wait for you to text him first.

7. He randomly calls you just to hear how your day is going.

8. He plans meet-ups or dates.

9. When out together, he ensures you get home safely if he's unable to take you himself. 

10. He hugs/kisses you goodbye or hello.

11. He blushes when you compliment him. 

12. He tries to give you a happy date.

13. He makes it his duty to keep you safe.

14. Not only does he invite you out, he invites you over to his place.

15. He tries his best to remember things about you; e.g your middle name, birthday etc. 

 Each and every guy is unique hence I wouldn't be able to list all the traits of when one actually likes you. I however believe I have listed some of the main pointers. There are other things or gestures that you can or will be able to pick up on your own from your crush. As long as he's putting in the effort and tries to make it clear it would be weird you miss the signs. 

 But hey guys, I won't leave you out! Probably on my next post I will list pointers for you also to help you know if your girl crush likes you back just as much as you like her. 😎

 But until then, have a great day and don't forget to leave comments and/or share this post! 

              Good bye! ♥️

Monday, 9 April 2018

Pay Less Attention To Your Phone And More To Your Relationship.

(Put Down Your Phone For A Second | I Have Something To Say)

Day after day we realize how attached we are to a small but handy electronic device we call a mobile phone. But let's admit it, it can be very addictive. Have we ever thought that probably it is too addicting? 

Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to name a few, gets the most of our time. As soon as a notification beeps in it's almost like we could go through any life threatening situation just to check what the notification is about or who/what source it came from.

Question of today's blog:  How many of us actually listen to when our partner or anyone around us beeps for our attention while we are busy on our phone?

 If you are mature enough to admit to yourself that you're actually addicted or close to being addicted, then that's good. Most of all, you're not alone. I myself also struggle with being on my phone a tad bit too much. Like why is the World Wide Web and social media constantly seemingly so interesting?🀦🏾‍♀ 
 We, however, at some point have to discipline ourselves to the amount of media we indulge in daily.

 Have you ever thought that your phone could be a reason as to why your relationship with your partner or friends/family remains so off? When  you are the one who is constantly focused on your screen you have no time to realize this unless someone mentions it to you. There's a time and place for everything, that applies to our phones as well. 
 The person you're in a relationship with deserves just as much or even more attention that your phone receives. Think about how disrespectful it would be if you're speaking to someone on an important topic and that person is busy fingering his phone. Wouldn't you feel like you could just talk to a wall instead? Yes? Then it's the same feeling that another person could get if you treat them in like manner. 

 It's also quite interesting when a person didn't even see a breakup coming due to how inattentive one is to the real world πŸ˜‚ 
You spend all your time on Instagram to lurk on other people's relationship, to see who dumped who and not seeing that your own relationship is falling into a pit! 

Put down your phone when someone has something to say. Don't miss the important details. Don't make yourself look stupid when he/she asks you a question about what was said earlier and you can't relate or remember because at that time you were “busy” posting a Facebook status. 

 Don't be the one (probably the only one) who is texting and smiling at joke on your phone screen when sitting at the dinner table with friends/family while everyone is laughing at the jokes being thrown at dinner. 
 Remember every minute matters with the people who care about you. Show some respect in order to receive respect. Listen to those around you when they try to speak about something that really matters. 

 On ending, my boyfriend can say to me at times when he thinks I'm giving my phone too much attention "You know the owner of Apple only allowed his kids to use their phones only 4 hours a day?" And still I say to him I'm not one of his kids πŸ˜‚

Anyhow, I hope you got the real meaning behind this post and I hope to see you again on my next. 

     Hej dΓ₯! πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Interracial Relationship: What It's Like In Public (Personal Experience)

As my followers and people who know me might already know I am in an interracial relationship. If you are a new reader this is news for you and hey, welcome to my blog! πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

I try not to be too personal about my relationship in my blog posts hence why I try to be more general about my topics. In respect of my relationship itself and my boyfriend's views on the internet/social media, I try to not keep our life as a couple too much on the surface. However, today I feel like it should be okay to give you an insight of what it is like out in the public for us as an interracial couple. (Hopefully, this is not a prob for him πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

Added fact: not only are we in an interracial relationship, our relationship is also long distance; for a little while that is. 

So for my new readers, I am Jamaican and my name is Kemalto. My boyfriend is Swedish/Norwegian and his name is Alex, for short.

Now let's get in to the topic. I start with my home country, Jamaica, as that's where I first noticed the type of attention we receive.

1. People tend to be VERY inquisitive. This is expected because it's not every day people may see an interracial couple around town.

2. In a social environment, people are always curious about where Alex is from. When he tells them Sweden, 70% of them can never pinpoint where Sweden actually is and feels he is referring to Switzerland πŸ˜‚

3. When passing Craft Markets, staying at a hotel people or being anywhere where tourists normally are, persons most often assume we are Americans because apparently “once you’re a foreigner you’re American" 🀦🏾‍♀️ I believe people are quick to think that because of the way we speak our English.

4. I swear one day a driver is going to collide into something because of turning his/her head to look at us, while driving! It’s the creepiest thing to experience when people looks at you so still and turn their heads with your motion of walking by. Gah! 

5. BEAUTIFUL BABIES! A comment we definitely get a lot. Mind you be beautiful babies doesn't not only come in an interracial relationship πŸ˜’ But thank you for your view! πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

6. When Is The Wedding? Guys we are not running a show. Our relationship is real and we think developing a stable relationship takes time. When it's time WE will know.

7. Because I worked at a hotel and sometimes I would wear my work uniform in the town while walking with him, people would assume I met him at the hotel; I did not. People are also quick to assume we met online. No, we did not ♥️

8. Some local men show so much fury when they see that " a white man" stole one of their Jamaican girls. Oh lord I could just preach and rant on this! But I always say, when you start to appreciate the Jamaican women and treat them right then you'll find that you still have a lot left on the island for yourself (and this only goes for some men) 

9. Some girls/ women don't care if they see him walking with me. They eye him out as if I were invisible. But I guess that's okay.. to a point. I know my man's attractive 🀷🏾‍♀️🀀

My experience in Sweden:

Sweden is a lovely country as much as Jamaica is. People there are reserved and some mind their own business. The experiences that I have in Jamaica aren't as prominent and obvious in Sweden. My main experience in Sweden being in an interracial relationship is that people just tend to stare and have very inquisitive eyes. Sometimes it can get so uncomfortable (especially on the train) for me because I don't know what the stares mean. I can question myself like, is it me or is it because they see me with a Swede? Friends of Alex seems to find it rather "exotic" so I assume that's a good thing. πŸ˜ŒπŸ€”
Sweden is a diverse country, people from all ethnicities and countries so I guess it's more expected for them to see interracial couples from time to time. 

All and all I love and enjoy my relationship. My best one yet.
I wouldn't change my relationship for anything or for anyone. I live and embrace it as it is. ♥️

If you are in an interracial relationship, can you relate in any way? Leave a comment and let me know. Share if you have found my post as relatable. 

Want to know how we handle our Long Distance Relationship? Check out these 7 ways! 

πŸ¦‹ See you on my next post! πŸ¦‹

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Does Desperation Drive You Into A Fast Relationship? Here's What You Need To Know.

Probably every human, at some point or another in their lives, has experienced being on what can only be described as an emotional roller coaster. Some days the skies are blue and on other days they just appear gray; filled with heavy, low hanging clouds. We may feel physically and emotionally exhausted at times, still on other days we are swept off our feet because of some overwhelming joy.

But besides the two commonly talked about extremes - happiness and sadness - there is another state of being that carries a heavy emotional weight. Desperation. More likely than not, you’ve experienced it but if you’re the anomaly reading this post, you might have at the very least heard of it. 

Desperation likes to show his face when things seem to be going down hill for you. And suddenly you feel like Steve Urkel, your non-physical faculties are screaming, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. Desperation is a monster that preys on your weaknesses and suddenly you feel like you need someone else to survive. You become reliant on someone or something outside of yourself to feel some kind of emotional balance, it’s as if you’re feeding on their energies. 

 Have you ever been in a time of your life where you feel so lonely and desperate, the only thing you feel is best for you is to find someone who can show you love, to be there for you? Yes? Then let me tell you, this is not always a bad thing. It however becomes a bad thing if you go about it the wrong way. 

Here's a few pointers you may need to know: 

•Before diving into a quick relationship, it's mandatory that you try to know the person beyond that which meets the eye. Even though you might not be the most objective person at this point, you must still try to discern the inner person of their heart or you might find that you have jumped out of the frying pot and into the fire.

•You will also find it helpful to do some research and background checks about this person. That is, their life in their “natural environment”, their family and friends, the way this person grew up and some basic character traits. Even though you can’t judge someone entirely based on how their family is, it’s a good place to decipher the type of person you may expect them to become towards you in the future. 

•Even though you may be going through a period of depression, it may become worse if you find fast comfort into a person you only knew a month ago. This person might not meet your expectations and suddenly you find yourself in an even more stressful situation.

•Rushing into a relationship may end up working out in your favour. However, the reverse is also true whereby the person might be moved to take advantage of you when he or she recognizes your weakness and is aware that you're only with them because of your desperation. 

•REGRET! Regret is never a pleasant thing to carry around in your life. A fast relationship can result in future regrets if that person turns out to be the opposite of what they made you believe they were initially. That is why it's best to get to know the person thoroughly before diving into the relationship pool with them. 

•Being depressed doesn't mean you have to have someone to show you sympathy in order for you to heal. Your own company can and may be sufficient. Find new hobbies, make new friends, join clubs. There are ways in which you can overcome depression apart from wrongly opening up yourself to a complete stranger. 

•Talk about your struggles with someone you trust and have known for a very long time. Even though I’m discussing this in the context of relationships, it is not a problem that is exclusive to people who are desirous of being in a relationship. Sometimes it might be about a friendship that you cherished becoming sour or maybe other personal problems.

 Always try to be alert and choose your friends wisely as there can be "friends" who will take advantage of you and abuse the fact that you are besides yourself. 

 Don't ever feel alone in your time of doubt and sadness. Depression is common among us as people and it is possible to get out of it. It might not be easy but remember that the words difficult and impossible aren’t synonymous. Stay positive and stay aware!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

KNOW YOUR WORTH! (How Do You Know Your Worth?)

Upon talking with a friend recently, I could not help but to make this topic my next blog post. 

It's so surreal that there are actually women out there who are lost, unsure of what their worth really is. The fact that she is a friend and I value my friends, I felt that it was only respectful and the right thing to do to listen, evaluate, be non-judgmental and give her my best honest advice.

While she voiced her story to me, I said to her "Know your worth." Lost and saddened she was, she hit me back with the question "How do I know my worth?" 
I smiled after receiving her question. A smile of sympathy, a smile of empathy. I told her to ask herself; How do I see myself as a person? and How do I expect a man or someone else to see me as that said person? 

The thing is, she is not the only one who is struggling with knowing her worth. Both men and women is very likely to come across this phase in life where they are left to question their own values. However, I believe this is more common among us women. 

"We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves."

Struggling to find your worth can be based on a few things like:

•Past experiences you've had with someone you dated or possible a friend/family member.
•Your outlook on yourself as a person •CONFIDENCE. 

If you can relate to any of those pointers (especially your confidence level) then it's no surprise you are having difficulties with knowing and accepting your worth. Look at yourself in the mirror, take a moment to pause, breathe calmly and think.  
“As long as you look for someone else to validate who you are by seeking their approval, you are setting yourself up for disaster. You have to be whole and complete in yourself. No one can give you that. You have to know who you are - what others say is irrelevant.”

Try to find all the qualities in yourself, accept them and embrace them. Learn to love yourself. Self love is sufficient. If you don't love yourself, no one else will. If you don't accept yourself for who you are inside and out, no one else will. 

So, do you know your worth?

In a nutshell, my advice to you is; if you are struggling with this it’s best to start by doing some self evaluation. Find all the good things in you; quality over quantity. Love yourself. Keep your chin up. Smile. 

And if you are in a relationship, once you embrace all these pointers, your worth will become so clear to your partner. He/she will respect you and know where you stand as a person. 

-Dedicated to a friend ❤️

Monday, 5 March 2018

Should Your Relationship Be Kept Private And Off Social Media? | VIEWS

relationships and social media

Almost everyone shares a different view of privacy in relationships. Still the question looms over people worldwide; should a relationship be kept private or be publicized? How bad can either extreme be?

Speaking from personal experience it is safe to say that a more private relationship has less outside influence and unsolicited opinions. In other words, it is drama and “I heard that…” free! But to what extent is  privacy good? Would you say you should avoid  being seen with your partner publicly or just not be seen palavering everywhere on social media? Well quite frankly, it’s all up to you.

Let’s be real, as long as it’s a genuine relationship and you are one who is active on social media, from time to time you may get that urge to ”show off” a little. Posting about your relationship is not always a bad thing, it varies from relationship to relationship and depends greatly on how you do it.

But here comes the disclaimer!! You  have no idea how many people are out there lurking and feeding off your life and injecting all kinds of negative energies into your relationship. Some people may be envious of you or just hate the nature of the relationship and the happiness you experience because of and with each other. Granted, there are many people who are cheering you on but it would be naΓ―ve to think that your relationship only has friends and no foes. This is why caution should always be exercised.

As you may well know, my relationship isn’t 100% private, however, personal information and things that need to stay off the media are definitely kept confidential (between my partner and myself). I know many of you can see (if you are a following my Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook) that the things I post on my social media with Alex and I are sole photos with simple captions (nothing to describe the status of our relationship) and only comical videos of Alex when he attempts to sing Jamaican songs or speak the lovely creole.

So do I think personal information regarding your love life should be kept off the internet? YES
Do I think you should keep your relationship 100% private including who you are dating off the internet? THE CHOICE IS YOURS

Everyone’s relationship belongs to them and no one else. Couples are entitled to their own opinion as to the degree of publicity or privacy they chose to expose their union. Just bear in mind that there are consequences to both extremes and many ramifications when a couple decides to share every aspect of their relationship on social media;  especially if your relationship happens to have a short shelf life. Be sure that you know the person you are dating and his/her intentions before being too public about him or her.

If you need a little guide to know if your relationship is just right for you, check out 8 Ways You Know He Is The One.


Tuesday, 27 February 2018


If you ask someone at random to list the things they’d love to do around their partner you’d probably hear a few “uhmmm”s and “wellll..”s before they could even begin to answer. Ask those same people about some things they feel they’d never want to do and you’ll find a million answers flying out of nowhere. It’s weird how we can think about all the awkward things we wouldn’t do in a relationship. But the more you think about these ”awkward” things the more you realize that at some point or another they are bound to happen. Thankfully for me, most of these things were a breeze! I hardly ever felt any stiffness when I wanted to just be myself around my partner.

But “awkward things”, what am I even talking about?

  • Passing Gas
I think this might head the list of things people might be apprehensive about in a relationship, especially if it is new. But let me tell you, once you have settled in your partner’s company you probably won’t even notice the first time you farted. Passing gas, is only natural. Don’t see it as an embarrassment, you’re body is just doing it’s job. In fact, your partner might become concerned about your health if you were never able to relieve yourself in this way.

  • Taking A Pee… Outside!
I don’t think it will be that hard taking a pee in the bathroom infront of your boyfriend and I’ll tell you why I said boyfriend instead of “partner”. As it regards to peeing outside of a bathroom, it has always been natural for a guy to just stand and pee anywhere outside. Imagine you’re on a night out with your boyfriend and while strolling with him outside there comes a strong urge too pee and the options are:
       a) stoop next to a shrub and empty your bladder or
       b) wait until it becomes unbearable and wet yourself.
I don’t think too many of you would choose option b. Peeing outside can be really embarrassing for some girls. It’s not always easy to do especially if you’re just getting to know him. There are ways of handling this if you aren’t yet comfortable. He doesn’t necessarily have to be standing over you while you pee. He can be a couple metres away while you handle your female business. When you do reach that point of comfort in your relationship you could possibly be taking pees outside… together!

  • Number 2
Ayiyyiy! Why is it that most times it’s us  women who can have insecurites about doing the natural stuff when our boyfriend/husband is around? Men, on the other hand, can easily do the number 2  even on the first date but for us women, our partner could possibly never even know of us having the urge to poop, even more so seeing us go! Women generally like to give off a classy aura especially when it comes on to being around their partner. I  didn’t even expect myself to do a number 2 even infront of Alex but when two people are in the same household these things are only natural and expected. We try to make it funny sometimes, especially when one person is going at it for two long. We either ask if the other person needs help or jokingly bring a pair of scissors just in case they ran into any difficulty.

  • Snoring
If you’re a snorer it’s okay! I didn’t even know I was able to snore until Alex recorded me one day when we were in Jamaica. It was kind of an embarrassing but funny experience. But remember we have no control over these things while we are asleep. If you are afraid of snoring and feel like it may  be a problem for a long term relationship you can always do your research on how to fix it or possibly seek medical advice. As for those who may only be occasional snorers, my advice is to embrace it and laugh about it.

  • Burping
This is also a very touchy subject. You  may want to be a little respectful towards your partner and exercise some restraint depending on the setting. For example, at a restaurant; you wouldn’t want to be burping too loudly in his company as this is not proper etiquette.  If it’s an easy going day at home there is no need to feel afraid to pass a little trapped air from the stomach. Just always remember to at least say excuse me or show a little grace no matter the setting.

  • Morning Breath
To finish off strong, one awkward thing is – drumroll please – morning breath! Your own morning breath can even attempt to take you out like a sniper. So imagine waking up next to your partner and being paralyzed by the fear of killing him or her as soon as they wake. Good oral hygiene is sufficient. As long as you take care of your mouth, morning breath won’t be too aggressive. Morning breath will still exist even when you have excellent oral hygiene but the degree of the smell will be less. There is no sure way of getting rid of morning breath completely so why not try to embrace this as well? In the long run neither you nor your partner will pay attention to this and you’ll even be having stinky face to face conversations in the mornings!

For a happy relationship to happen we need to include all the cool, uncool, gross and natural things that exist. This includes (but is not limited to) all these things I’ve mentioned. Keep an open mind and remember no human being is perfect!

See You On My Next Post!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


How can you know if your partner is the one? Is it the way he talks to you on a daily basis? Is it the respect that he shows you? Or maybe the way he holds your hand when you walk?
Whatever it is, only you can know when it all feels right.
The fact is that not everyone feels connected to their partner in the same way after the same amounts of time. For some it takes months, years or possibly a day! This absence of a strict formula sheet for love makes even Cupid question his own existence.

Just don’t think you’re alone, there are numerous girls out there who still havent found the answer for whether or not their boyfriend is right for them.
Here are some pointers to reassure you when all those pesky doubts arise!

That Natural Spark- Keep your eyes peeled for this as it’s probably the most important thing when contemplating your feelings toward another person. He  reminds you of all your favourite things and a  light sparks up your soul and warms your heart at the mention of his name.

Attention! - There is nearly nothing better than getting his attention without having to beg for it. If your boyfriend gives you the minimal amount of attention and it feels like you have to be prying it from his hands, something could be wrong. You might want to pay closer attention to this but avoid being sneaky, invasive or disrespectful because this can easily backfire.

He Speaks The Truth- Honesty is invaluable in a relationship. Some men are a bit rougher around the edges than others which may sometimes make them appear to be too  blunt. However, it is always good to take the truth for what it is as opposed to focusing on the mode of delivery rather than the message itself. One good way to go about this if your beau is more on the frank side is to avoid asking some questions until you are prepared to receive the answer. Just remember he is honest because he cares about you.

Family/Friends – At some point in a serious relationship you will have to meet his family and friends. Does he keep rescheduling everytime you both made plans to meet his family? Or probably always finds excuses when you want to hang with him and his friends. Then you might want to pull out your magnifying glass. This is indication of whether or not he views your relationship as tempory, or if he is just not ready (probably if the relationship is fairly new). I believe guys like to wait a while more than girls before taking steps, one of those steps being mostly to meet the family. If you know the relationship is bit new just be patient. On the other hand, have you tried to let him meet your friends or family?

Respect – You don’t want to waste your time if you rarely see this from him. Bear in mind that respect should always be reciprocated, so ensure that you are being respectful as well. The way he speaks to you publicly or privately should be on the same acceptable level. We know people can sometimes put on a show in public to “one up” so to speak and make the world have the impression that they are a good person while behind closed doors it’s the total opposite. If your guy shows you the same level of respect both  indoors and outdoors then that’s a clear win!

He Checks In – If you have a boyfriend and your messages or call log is as dry as the Sahara Desert, then something could be wrong. Maybe he’s one of those persons who claim to be ”busy” 90% of the time. But there’s a word called ”priority” and if he doesn’t prioritize you then you could be wasting your time. Though if he constantly checks up on you to see how your day went, how you are doing, if you’ve ate, then you probably should hold on to his hand a little tighter.

Future – Not many things can be more comforting than when you listen to him making his future plans and you are a part of them. You begin to feel secure and not like your time is being wasted on something that’s only transient. If a man sees you in his future then you have stepped foot in the right place. As long as he is an honest man and has always been plain and open to you about things then you don’t need to overthink the relationship.

Helping Out – He can help out in various ways; mentally, physically or emotionally. From time to time us  girls definitely need this type of support system from our partner no matter how ”independent” one can claim to be. It’s only natural to require a little help form your boyfriend from time to time. It doesn’t  have to be financially but a little emotional and physical support might be all you need and will definitely go a long way. If your boyfriend is a supportive person and is always ready to listen then you have got yourself a gold star.

Today I am ending  on this note; it is good to know that it takes two to make a couple. So expecting all these things would be void if you don’t give or show them in return. He could possibly be wondering if you are also  the one and be discreetly observing you with all these pointers. Don’t be selfish and also try to be THE ONE.